NSA scandal, US paranoia and the world’s real enemies

The latest NSA scandal concerning mass-surveillance of citizens in Europe proves that the US sees enemies all over the planet. Yet, the question is “who are our real enemies”?

Not that I was ever very much interested[1] in US politics or all the nonsense its government is spending money on, but the latest news from Europe are so dysfunctional that they deserve some further consideration. Why on earth is the US driven so much by paranoia if in the end it’s us, the rest, who should be worrying? For decades the US has tried to manipulate world politics by lying, cheating and murdering. It has fought uncountable wars, has spied on thousands of citizens all over the world and currently holds embargoes against 26 nations. Furthermore, it controls hundreds of other nations by manipulating media and governments worldwide. The bill for collapsing US banks and the bursting of the real estate bubble is paid for by tax payers elsewhere. How is that possible?

Being the biggest economy on the planet and thus an important trade partner, most foreign governments bow before the US. They think we need the US to be able to export our goods. And unfortunately, most of our governments are so conservative and ignorant that they still believe in the fairy tale that one day communists might take over the world and destroy our “hard earned” assets. Together with the US they are scared of other big nations such as Russia during the Cold War area or China today, fearing that they could eventually replace the US as the number one nation, which would be detrimental for its dominance of the world.

That is only handy for the country itself, because it helps its government to cover up the shit that is lying in the front yard: lack of a proper health system, a shocking wealth inequality, unhappy citizens, violence and so on. And that’s where the spies and enemies come in: the US needs to have scape goats outside the country whom to blame for all its own problems. Enemies are thus omnipresent, they dominate the lives of its citizens. Even the cinema is largely controlled by one topic: enemies, war and the necessity for the US people to be protected by some heroes. Apes, diseases, galactic superpowers, they all have the same goal to attack and eradicate US citizens. It’s a paranoia that seems to be pathological. What started during the Cold War area with some James Bond movies in which he needed to protect the West from its enemies the Russians, has systematically started to control all mass media with killer bees or monster spiders trying to kill us in movies or Ebola and bird-flu being a threat from a newspaper’s viewpoint. Yet, the reality is very different from that picture.

It is the US itself that has systematically been terrorising millions of people all over the planet. Take Laos as an example. Fifty years after an almost unknown war the country is today still poisoned by thousands of unexploded US bombs. More than 20’000 people, many of them children, have lost their lives since the end of the war due to accidents with undetonated US bombs. Not that the US would ever have apologised or dedicate itself to disarm the bombs; it prefers to fight new wars, be they secret or not.
I have explained in other posts how having travelled to countries considered as “terrorist states” by the US has opened my eyes. Having dined with so called “terrorists” and seen the realities in those countries, I know that the US has more interest than any other government to keep the people in those countries hungry and powerless, not only in developing countries, also in other Western economies.
In Australia the majority of newspapers are controlled by Rupert Murdoch. Claiming that the majority of Australian citizens voted for Abbott as their new president is thus not closer to the truth than saying a US tycoon has actually won the elections in September this year. No wonder that ever since, politics get simpler, natural resources are being exploited at a higher speed and disparity among citizens will further increase.

The US has also systematically been manipulating undertakings to make this world a better place; by boycotting the UN convention on climate change, by creating and supporting war regimes, by money laundering and supporting drug cartels, and by many other unmoral activities. The US has not signed or ratified a big number of human rights (e.g. Women’s Human Rights) nor is it signatory to the Ottawa treaty on land-mines[2]. Whereas it’s quite safe to travel to many of the 34 states on which the US declared some travel warnings, the same can’t be said about the country itself. It has a huge gun problem and since August this year most people in Australia know that traveling to the US can cost one’s life even in the absence of any motif.

Unlike the risk of being attacked by some extra-terrestrial beings, the 5% probability of being hit by a comet in 13’356 years or the chance of apes taking over the planet, armed forces, US backed terrorists, US landmines, and manipulated mass media are terrorising societies all over the world on a daily basis. Likewise climate change is real and is affecting us here and now; it is a threat for the planet and human society. Unfortunately, the US is one of the nations that largely ignore it.

Unless governments around the world (including its own) realize that the world’s biggest enemy is the US itself, we can spy on thousands of citizens without making the world a safer place.

[1] My disinterest in the US has mainly to do with the fact that I consider it a big waste of time. Dreaming to find the big freedom, I spent some time surfing in California, having a great time, and discovering the beauty of the USA in my early 20s. I soon realized that not everything was as it should be. When, during later travels through Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, I started to discover what consequences US politics had on millions of world citizens, I started to avoid the country and ever since haven’t been back. The fact that a visit to the US requires one to provide a biometric passport only enforced my disgust for the country. Despite the many friends I have in the US and despite the thousands of wonderful citizens the country hosts, I feel little interest or empathy for the country itself. Similar to the US embargo on other nations I decided to make my own embargo on the US and have for the last 15 years been avoiding consuming US products whenever possible.

[2] Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, 18 September 1997


About blaubear

Born in 1973 in a small village in rural Switzerland and into a society largely dominated by cows (not only was the human population of one-hundred-and-forty outnumbered by them, but politics were driven by unreasonable subsidies for diary products) I was connected with nature from early age on. Observing nature on one hand and the deficiencies of a dysfunctional Swiss agricultural policy with farmers that had lost connection to the land that provided their income on the other, I soon started to question society and the meaning of life. Suffering also under a farcical public education I developed curiosity to discover on my own. That was how I soon learned that little of what I had been taught was true. Skepticism and interaction with people from for me new cultures fostered my interest for the world and eagerness to leave a life shaped by federalistic layman-ship. At the age of twenty-three I hit the road for the first time, an event that later translated into passion. Traveling between cultures has since become part of my life. At the age of thirty-three I finally realized my dream and did a degree in Environmental Engineering from which I graduated in 2009, only to leave Switzerland once more for my "real home" Spain. Unfortunately, the stay was a short one: a couple of months later I was offered a job in Southeast Asia, where I worked and also lived (with some interruptions, e.g. I live in Melbourne since late 2012) ever since. Having worked for a Japanese company earlier in my life, I soon felt captured again by Asian culture and thinking which makes a lovely contrast to my European heritage. My journey through different countries and cultures has taught me that regardless of how different our thinking and values are, no matter what approaches we take, we all can learn from each other. And if we are open enough to see the common instead of pointing out the differences, then we have a chance to live in harmony and peace: Life is all about integration, not exclusion! It's an old wisdom that "knowledge is power", as such I never get tired of being around new people, having interesting talks, and reading lots of good books. I hope that my blog can contribute to the conversation.
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